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About us

Whenchy –we are leading company selling asian groceries and vegetables especially from Srilanka & India based in “Iocation”. We have more than 12 years in UK ecommerce market with a massive demand from our UK customers; we are now expanding the shopping experience to a whole new level “company website”- an online shop, where you can find over 10000 products from loads of brands. . We stock products from various parts of the world and offer our customers a great range of native products from fresh fruits, vegetables, and leaves to rice, dals, spices, and seasonings to nuts and snacks and ready to eat meals.

We are not just cover groceries but also household items and pooja items too we are covering in our products list.

Whenchy has experience and expertise in every possibility of the business. We are perfectly placed to take on challenges today, tomorrow and in the future because we persistently invest in our staff as well as our wholesale and click & carry facilities.

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